We have experience hosting presentations and workshops for faculty, staff and administrators, developing one-on-one support/coaching relationships, the charting of comprehensive diversity plans, and administering and reporting on testing tailored to specific communities. We offer these services a la carte or in a package tailored to your community's needs.

Presentations / workshops

Collective knowledge and understanding is the keystone to any movement. Diversity. Privilege. Micro-aggression. These words are emotionally charged and mean different things to different people. These workshops give your faculty, staff, and administrators the common vocabulary and emotional tools to start these tough conversations with each other and with students.

Testing / reporting

Which identities is your community safe for? Do you know? If so, how? Employees and students do not live up to their potential when they do not feel safe, and they often leave if they have a choice. Our reports help uncover these issues by mapping your community's tension level across over 20 areas, so that we can tailor services to help address your community's specific needs, and track our progress.

Diversity coaching / crisis calls

The job of leaders is to create productive tension in their sphere of influence. There must be enough to spark growth, but not so much that the system cannot bear it. Our programs create tension, tension that must be managed well to be productive. These calls with outside experts help your faculty, staff, and senior administrators strike this balance.

Diversity goal mapping

All too often this work is the passion of many but the responsibility of none. A student group is formed. A speaker is brought in. A conversation is had. But they are not done in a way to reinforce each other, and so momentum fizzles. We tailor detailed, 3-5 year plans for your community so that every ounce of energy spent is energy well spent.