Your organization's DivQ™ is calculated using the degree to which different groups have to cover or compromise who they are and what they believe in order to exist in your community. 

As humans, we have values and we seek communities that reflect those values. However, one can never find a community that reflects all one's values all the time, so we make compromise. We are willing to give up comfort or stimulation in some areas in order to get it in others. This could manifest in having a long commute, taking on some undesirable tasks, or hiding parts of ourselves or our values. We all make compromises and we all have strategies to deal with them, but not all compromises are made equal. 

We created DivQ™ as a way to measure the difficult to quantify sacrifices made to gain entry to and gain respect within communities. We do this through a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods outlined in our services. We hope to honor the tension borne by those who are not able to bring their full selves to school in order to get the nourishment of the educational community that they so crave, and illuminate the scope of their compromises.

So what is your community's DivQ™? Who is able to bring their full selves to school every day, and who is not? Who is served by the norms and unwritten rules of your communities, and who is not? If there were people who were not comfortable, would they voice their concerns? If so, how? Would your community be able to hear this feedback or not? How would you address their discomfort? These are tough questions and it is difficult to be certain of the answer.