The Diversity Quotient is an education focused diversity consulting firm. We specialize in helping schools engage with aspects of identity in positive and constructive ways through testing, presentations, workshops, coaching, and facilitated discussions.

We believe that as educators, it is our responsibility to foster an environment in which every child is comfortable enough to learn. 

We specialize in arming administrators, faculty, and staff with the emotional intelligence tools needed to navigate complex situations and conversations around any aspect of identity. We believe that the ability for adults within schools to initiate productive dialogue in these moments is a prerequisite for children, and adults, to feel safe, and thus to learn.

Conversations around any aspect of identity are difficult, and often are emotionally charged. It can seem like one false step or one wrong word will make things worse, and draw even more negative attention to us and the situation. When we are thrust into a situation that makes us uncomfortable, it takes knowledge, heart, and practice not to shut down or lash out.

But students are at an age where they are trying to figure out their opinions of the world, and they gather cues from the people they spend time with, namely their peers and the teachers and staff of the school. Therefore we do not have the luxury of walking away from a situation because it makes us uncomfortable. We have to find a way to cope with that tension and have the tough conversations about race, gender, SES, sexual orientation, and any other identity that our students grapple with. Otherwise we risk the very future of the students we seek to serve.